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New Book, Results, Now Released!

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by John Austin in Behavioral Leadership, Leadership

Before the weekly blog post on leadership – and I have something special for you this week – I want to remind you that my new book is out on Kindle right now and Hardcover/Softcover on May 29. 

…BUT…I have arranged a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Kindle book on Monday, May 29, and Tuesday, May 30, so if you’re a Kindle reader, go to this link on May 29th or 30th and download a copy FOR FREE. 

Share this with people you think will appreciate the work we are doing.

I have free resources, including fillable PDFs and worksheets, podcast appearances, presentations, and an audiobook (coming soon) on my website here.  Check them out, and I will keep adding to them as we get more and more resources to help you execute on the ideas in the book.

If you want to help spread the word about my new book…you can:

  1. Leave an honest review on Amazon.
  2. Send a copy of the book to people you think will love it and use it.

Scroll down to see some of the very generous endorsements I’ve already received for the book. I’m so grateful to know these amazing and supportive people.

Thank you for all your support!

This week, rather than a blog post, I want to feature a podcast I was on with the Host, Dr. Paulie Gavoni, a behavioral psychologist who works in schools and education. 

Paulie was kind enough to have me on his podcast to talk about my new book, “Results: The science-based approach to better productivity, profitability, and safety.”, Available on Amazon Kindle now and on hard/soft cover on May 29.

We see eye-to-eye on lots of things around the topics of leadership and behavior change, so we can go for hours. 

Lots of fun.  

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


John has been the driving force of our nationally acclaimed safety program for over a decade, and I can never thank him enough. If results matter to you, this is a must-read. 

Steve East
Chairman CSM Group
Proud recipient of ABC’s National Pinnacle Safety Award

Every leader at Revere goes through John’s course and applies the 5-step process. The result has been a massive change in culture focusing on relationships, the environment and achieving results.  John’s work is our “behavioral science bible” – it drives improvement in all areas.

Michael O’Shaughnessy
Revere Copper Products

Results – everyone wants them and now anyone can achieve them by following the roadmap provided by John Austin. His message is practical, understandable, and delivered through a series of relatable stories that reflect those common leadership conundrums that we encounter every day.

Dr. Linda LeBlanc, BCBA-D
Owner, LeBlanc Behavioral Consulting

I have known John for years now and he always motivates me to be the leader I aspire to be. The book is a great read, and I am now leaning into the 5 steps to address some of my areas for improvement.

Paul Hendry
Global Vice President – Health, Safety and Environment

These strategies are simple and immediately applicable to workplace settings. The stories, ideas, guidance, and practical activities result in repeated “ah-ha” and “it’s so simple, why did I not think of that?” moments. No matter if you are new to managing others, mid-career, or an experienced supervisor or manager, everyone will learn from this straightforward five-step process.

Dr. Tyra Sellers, JD, BCBA-D
Owner, TP Sellers, LLC

Oh, how I wish I had this book as I began and refined my leadership journey. In it, John doesn’t just tell you the what and the how. Through his practical 5 step process, he also gives you the why, the when, the where, the how much, and the how often through compelling stories that illustrate key concepts.

His entire approach, laid out in an easy-to-understand format, is grounded in the science of human behavior. This is a must-read for both emerging and veteran leaders.

Dr. Paul “Paulie” Gavoni
Wall Street Journal & USA Today Best-selling Author

Dr. John Austin has written a succinct, practical guide for leaders striving to ‘do better’. He combines his extensive experience, evidence-based practices, and engaging storytelling to teach leaders how to maximize results. This book is a must read for new leaders, those who wish to start a business, or are interested in improving workplace outcomes. Alignment amongst teams is critical and this book provides simple tools, activities, and tips to do just that!

Ivy Chong, PhD, BCBA-D
Senior Vice President, Children’s Services
May Institute

I have been using John’s approach for almost 15 years and I have seen it work hundreds of times at our Plant.  I still have these 5 steps on a white board in my office to remind me daily of this approach. Read the book and start a project – you’ll thank John!

Niall McConville
Site Director
SABIC Mt Vernon, IN

In this riveting, accessible read, Dr. Austin’s 5 step process helps you set the right environment for your team to succeed.  His advice is not an ephemeral “bag of tricks” … it’s the actionable work (backed by research and decades of experience) you need to build the organization and teams that you always wanted to lead

Jonathan Mueller
Host of “Building Better Businesses in ABA” Podcast, CEO of Element RCM, and co-founder of Ascend Behavior Partners

John Austin’s book adds much needed context that spans both organizational and behavioral aspects of work, and provides an evidence-based framework leaders can use to successfully navigate the day to day challenges in operating a business.

Brian Hanlon, CIH, CPE, CSP
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Staples Connect

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