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Effective Feedback

Sample Client List

We can identify the behaviors required in giving effective feedback, and the behaviors required in receiving effective feedback, and these are useful exercises.

However, there is a something that is much more difficult to see that is also operating…and it can make or break the feedback of your leaders.

Here’s a simple way to understand it.

Imagine a situation where someone gets corrective feedback from another person, with whom they have a rocky relationship. They don’t like or trust each other.

How is that feedback likely to be received?

Now imagine the same exact words being said to the same person, but coming from someone with whom they have a great relationship, there is trust, vulnerability, and the receiver believes the other person is trying to help.

How is THAT feedback likely to be received?

Dr. Nicole Gravina turned me on to this example years ago, it’s a great way to demonstrate the value of relationships.

These are topics addressed in my book: Results: The science-based approach to improving productivity, profitability, and safety.

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