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Dr. Austin

It’s a basic human right to have a safe place to work.

…That’s the thought on which my work is predicated.

Early in my training, I had friends and colleagues in graduate school who helped children with Autism learn to attend schools in ‘regular’ education classrooms. They helped people with severe and profound disabilities to learn to feed them selves and in some cases live independently.

In fact, behavioral science is the only science-based system recognized as effective in the treatment of autism and profound disabilities.

I got involved, worked in schools with kids who had ‘behavior problems’, with their teachers, their parents.  It was not unusual to see massive and positive behavioral changes in just weeks or months.

These are tough problems. Intractable problems. Some would say they are unsolvable.  Many of us around the world know this is not true.

I started to wonder, if we can solve the most difficult behavioral problems the world has to offer, what could we do with worker safety?

The answer is…. A LOT.

My why is to help people to create safer work environments.

Okay, here is my “Official” bio:

John and his teams have coached leaders in hundreds of companies in 12 countries and students at universities to deliver over 10,000 safety, operations, and quality improvement projects at work that have generated millions of dollars in improvements to businesses.

Dr. John Austin is an internationally recognized coach to business leaders on safety and human performance. Dr. Austin was a Professor of Psychology for 15 years at Western Michigan University where he trained 25 Masters and Doctoral students, many of whom are Professors themselves now.

Based on his desire to help as many people at work as possible, he founded Reaching Results in 2008. Reaching Results is a company designed to help people improve safety, leadership, & management.

Dr. Austin has consulted with organizations for 25 years to improve productivity and safety in a wide range of industries.

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