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Too busy to focus?

Sample Client List
by John Austin in Leadership, Stress

I read a post the other day about whether you feel you are adding value at work or not, and it got me thinking…

I’ve had many clients where the workforce and middle managers feel so busy and on so many things, that people just long for a chance to focus on their work.

Due to the many interruptions and the feeling that they have to be hitting increasingly aggressive deadlines, I’m being asked to create courses that teach people to focus.

Of course most adults don’t need to learn to focus, it’s something that we learn earlier in life. BUT, like many things in management and leadership, we know what to do but it’s unclear how to do it.

Focus comes from you creating the right environment for it to happen. Taking control of your work and home life so that you can create the conditions that bring the best out of you is good for your health and happiness, but also good for the business.

What techniques are you using right now to stay focused at work, so you feel like you’re delivering more value?

Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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