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Criticized or Ignored?

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Gallup found some 6 years ago now that employees would rather be criticized than ignored.

*Criticized* more than ignored!

And yet, due to the way many organizations are set up and the constant drive to do more with less, we struggle to pay attention to the good work people do every day.

As Ferdinand Fournies says, you need your employees more than they need you. It’s easy to forget that the real leverage in your organization is in bringing out the best of the tens, or hundreds or thousands of people doing the work each day.

Want to test this theory? It’s easy. Pick a day and you don’t show up to work. Then, pick a day and have all of your employees stay home. Which day is more productive for the business?

Giving genuine recognition and praise is easy, free, and highly effective. Research suggests that it can result in 75-100% improvements in performance, sometimes even more.

If you want to tap into this research and how to use it at work, send me a message and I’d love to geek out about it with you.

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