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50% Improvement

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In business we want to make more money, produce better products or better ideas, and do it more safely.

We assume that improving the human aspects of our work will be too complex, too expensive, or too time consuming to really pay off. Even Deming said that human behavior was ‘noise’ and couldn’t be controlled.

This isn’t true. There is a science behind human behavioral change to get better business results and it is simple to employ.

For example, just showing people how well they are doing at work can produce 50% improvements or more in job performance, according to reviews of the feedback studies. FIFTY PERCENT.

Most of behavior change hacks people are writing about today produce comparatively small changes in work performance.

Which would you prefer, to spend years learning hundreds of “hacks” to get a small return, or practice a small set of techniques proven to produce enormous changes?

If you’re ready stop learning bits and pieces of patchwork solutions, and create an environment for your people that your competitors will never reach, send me a message.

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