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Unintended Downstream Impact

Sample Client List
by John Austin in Behavior change, Leadership

I was at Universal Studios in Orlando last week… where I saw a great example of unintended downstream impact.

We had early admission to the park to see Harry Potter world, but we were blocked from entering by an NBC morning show filming live.

My assumption is they thought everyone would want to see and be seen on TV but the result in the crowd was something different…

…confusion since no signs or announcements were made

…annoyance that we were being made to watch something we didn’t care about

…irritation that despite advance planning and expense, no one could enter the park early as promised.

If you wanted to annoy your customers before they enter the park, this is probably what you’d do!

And yet…I’m sure it was unintentional…

…as are the inconvenience and annoyance we sometimes create for our staff when we want to encourage them to do something new.

It’s all about behavior change and understanding behavior enough to predict downstream impact.

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