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Happiness. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and it’s always been a large part of what I help clients to achieve at work.

The catchall for this we use is, “Creating a positive work environment” – but it involves lots of different possible behaviors and mindsets.

It seems there is always more to learn about it, and yet the more you learn, the simpler it becomes.

Here’s a quote from a short article I read this morning. It spoke to me, and I thought it might speak to you too:

“Try this. Close your eyes and imagine I take everything you hold dear away from you: family, job, business, home, everything.

Poof: It’s all gone.

What happens next? You realize that what you already have is so much more important than what you don’t have.

You realize how blessed, how successful, and how happy you already are.

Now open your eyes.


And, more important, figuratively.

Maybe you could be happier, but if you think about it, your life is already pretty great.

Every night when you turn off your bedroom light, take a second to count your blessings.

Do that, and you won’t have to worry about whether you’re happy or not. Because you’ll know you are.”

If you’d like to discuss how behavioral science can help you create a positive work environment contact me.

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