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A New Perspective for Big Changes

Sample Client List
by John Austin in Behavior change

Small changes in your environment can sometimes create big changes in your behavior.

I was playing a family game of scrabble recently and was reminded of the massive impact that moving the letters around had on my ability to find the best words.

That small change in my environment produced a big effect. Not too consequential I know, but what about those of us working on important problems every day all day long?

How could this apply to you as a leader?

Isn’t it possible that rearranging our schedule, slightly changing our habits, changing the way we speak to each other, or arranging things so that our teams interact in a slightly different way…

…could lead to massive changes in what we come up with as solutions?

Try being more flexible toward your workforce to create the best possible environment for them…

Give your staff the responsibility to schedule their day as much as possible, while still achieving what is expected, allowing them to step-up to the mark…

Pick up the phone to call someone instead of sending an email…

Put yourself in other people’s shoes as much as possible and encourage others to do the same…

How will you improve your work environment today?

Let me know your thoughts, comment below or send me a message.

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