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  1. Daryle Delafosse says:

    Thanks so much John for your generous sharing. My big takeaway was that many observations are applicable for most life situations, not only safety, especially the before A that triggers B for the C, and the lower weighted values of the triggers for our behavior. I’m now enlightened and energized to put deeper thought and observation to that aspect. Thanks again. Daryle

    1. John says:

      Daryle – Thanks for the kind words and for tuning in to the video!

  2. Dom says:

    Good morning John, thank you for another insightful video. The time investment for leadership follow up is critical, and thank you for the clarity on this topic. Follow up has so much power, and the initial message can be easily lost without timely follow up. We need to schedule time in our busy calendars specifically for follow up or typically it will not happen! Thanks again for the information and sharing your years of learning.

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