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5 Organizational Factors that Make Us Less Safe at Work (and what you can do about them)

  1. Scott says:

    i would say that my biggest frustration is trying to make measurable change to such a large work force. a lot of the change is outside of my control and i need to get our leadership to buy in to this change. getting them to understand the importance of behavior and use it on a daily basis would be great but how do i get there…i’m hoping the next few videos help.

    1. John says:

      Hey Scott,
      Thanks for your comment! I’ve heard this question a number of times before, and there are some ways to start to build awareness in others, including sharing injury data, and also sharing possible solutions or new ways of thinking. That could mean sharing one my videos or videos from others, books, or short papers. If you received my safety leaders toolkit, you will find many resources in there to share.
      I hope this helps, if you’d like to talk more, you can schedule a call with me or reach out by email.
      Best Wishes,

  2. Joe Corvello, CCSP, CSM says:

    Hey John,
    Thanks for the video, put some insight on getting off on the right foot. I think my greatest challenge and frustration is that our company uses local Labor from Unions who have created their own culture and believes. This makes it difficult to communicate our expectations when they come to work for us. We do conduct safety orientations with new hires, but most Union workers display behaviors that are not always acceptable to our requirements, and I think this is because front line supervision (Superintendents and Foreman) are Union workers who allow the behaviors because this is what they know. I have began to develop a Supervisors training session to help supervisors to better understand our requirements and culture to hopefully change some of the behaviors at are deemed to be at risk.

  3. Dom Perfetti says:

    Hello and good day John,
    The video was excellent, thank you for sharing. My most significant issue at my most recent position as Director of Operations was the availability of time to invest in driving our safety culture. I agree with the concept of “starting small” and this has helped to get other engaged, particularly at the front line leadership level. Also, safety being viewed as a value vs a priority I believe is a foundational mindset. Thanks again for sharing and looking forward to more.

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