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So you want to reduce injuries?

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So you want to reduce injuries?

It’s not enough to train everyone,
…give them their PPE,
…proper policies and procedures,
…and create a safe physical environment.

If you want people to avoid injury and you want to become world class in safety…

…you need the ideas, and input, and yes, even push back from your employees and workforce.

We’ve gotten so into trying to sell our ideas, so that employees “buy in” that we’ve lost the plot in some cases.

You need to know what’s working and what’s not working

…so you can fix it.

You need to know which ideas of yours wouldn’t work in 1 million years and why…

…so that you can tweak them and make them fit into the environment properly.

All of us are victims of our environment. We (executives, VPs, managers, and workforce alike) behave in accordance with our environment.

So that idea of yours that will save a bunch of money or improve safety, or whatever…

…make sure you and your teams are creating psychological safety so that the recipients of your ideas and programs can tell you why they are not working.

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