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Keystone to Better Relationships

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by John Austin in Behavior change, Leadership, Stress

A great deal of our happiness in life rests in our relationships with others…

Whether it’s with our team at work, our friends and colleagues or our spouse and children at home…

…and keeping those relationships strong is the foundation for happiness and success.

But real life doesn’t often look like that old Trident commercial where everyone is smiling and high-fiving each other… (especially now with Covid restrictions).

Life is super messy and every minute has it’s ups and downs.

The key to successful relationships lies in our ability to embrace the murk.

It’s really easy to say “everything is great” – and only practice optimism, ignoring everything else… but that will only work for a short time (not to mention can lead to mental health issues).

The latest research suggest that the secret to strong relationships and happiness in life lies in the in-between.

We should “embrace the murk”.

This requires psychological flexibility – and there are 174 studies that show it is the keystone to better relationships at home and at work.

Some things you can do improve it:

  • be open to/accepting of experiences (good or bad)
  • be mindfully aware of the present moment
  • experience difficult thoughts without ruminating on them
  • pursue important goal despite setbacks
  • maintain contact with “deeper values,” no matter how stressful a day might be

You can read more about psychological flexibility in this article in Inc. magazine.

Reflect on what you could do to try to build your psychological flexibility and then try some new techniques in the relationships where you are feeling strained right now.

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, email me or comment below.

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