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How to be Happy

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by John Austin in Behavior change, Leadership, Stress

Just a quick browse through the headlines these days is enough to make you want to crawl back into bed. 

As leaders, we know we can’t.  Not only is it important to take care of our mental health for ourselves and our families, but also for all the people who depend on us. 

Our teams look to us to see how they should react and we need to show them that it’s not only safe, but important to still feel happy.

So, in such perilous times how can we become happier individuals?

These tips are taken from a course on happiness shown through a randomized controlled trial (the top research standard for most science) to significantly improve happiness.

How to be happy.

  • Every day, make a list of three things you’re grateful for. You’ll be more resilient and mentally healthier within 12 weeks, according to research by Action for Happiness.
  • Say something positive to at least three people you meet today.
  • Go out for a brisk walk.
  • Do a mindfulness or happiness meditation – there are plenty online.
  • Support a charity, cause or campaign you really care about.
  • Notice when you’re being hard on yourself or others, and opt to be kind instead.
  • Plan a fun or exciting activity you can look forward to.
  • Re-frame a worry: ask yourself, will this matter a year from now? Could it be an opportunity, rather than a difficulty?
  • Find the joy in music: listen, sing, play, dance.
  • Treat yourself: do something today that you know will make you feel good.

Which of these do you like most? Are there others left off?

Comment below or send me an email (drjohnaustin at reachingresults dot com) and let me know.

Here is a link to the short news article describing the course:

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