How Leaders Can Prevent and Resolve Conflict During Difficult Situations...

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John Autin, PhD
Reaching Results

Kirstin Lund
Collaboration School

On-Demand Webinar with
Dr. John Austin and Kirstin Lund

An Interactive Webinar Discussion:
"How Leaders Can Prevent and Resolve Conflict During Difficult Situations"

Stress often creates a breakdown of trust at work. Furthermore, during stressful times, our focus narrows...

…the range of solutions we can think of is reduced

…individuals on teams may run to their corners and seek isolation or ‘siloing’

…and the risk of interpersonal conflict goes through the roof.

This is a casual and interactive discussion of challenges that teams are facing during the Coronavirus epidemic and how we can understand them in order to produce better outcomes and more effective teams.

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About the Hosts:

Kirstin Lund has been providing services as a mediator, facilitator, and conflict resolution coach and trainer since leaving the practice of law in 1996.

She collaborated in the 1997 development of a UPEI Centre for Conflict Resolution Studies, and has since designed and taught numerous courses at UPEI, and through her own company, in mediation, conflict resolution, and collaboration and communication skills.

She is a certified Myers Briggs practitioner specializing in personality type and its impact on conflict management.

Kirstin has been an assessor for Family Mediation Canada’s national certification program since 2003. She is currently developing new tools and resources for building collaborative workplaces based on her decades of work in the area. She can be found online at

Dr. John Austin is an internationally recognized expert in providing solutions to organizational challenges.

He is founder of Reaching Results, a consultancy for management, motivation, leadership, and safety.

Dr. Austin was also a Professor of Psychology at Western Michigan University. He has consulted with organizations for 25 years to improve productivity and safety in various industries including:

  • Aviation
  • Chemical                       
  • Construction                 
  • Food service
  • Glass and plastics
  • Government
  • Health care and hostpitals
  • Higher education                   
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Retail

John and his teams have been instrumental in coaching over 10,000 work improvement, quality, and safety projects in 12 countries that have generated millions of dollars in improvements to businesses.  They have coached over 350 senior leaders from more than 32 different companies to help them improve business performance.

 In the area of improving human performance he has published nearly 100 articles and chapters, delivered hundreds of presentations at regional, national, and international conferences and business meetings, and has published three books, Organizational Change, Handbook of Applied Behavior Analysis, and Mindfulness at Work.

 At Western Michigan University, John taught college and graduate level courses and conducted research in the areas of occupational safety, organizational performance improvement, consultation, motivation, and behavior change for 15 years.  He earned his BA from the University of Notre Dame, and his MS and PhD from Florida State University.

 John is on the Board of Directors for Revere Copper, America’s oldest manufacturing company, he is past Director of the Organizational Behavior Management Network, a past Trustee at the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, and a past member of the UK & USA based BMT Federation. He is past Editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, and was on the board of editors for four other comparable scientific journals.

 John offers online courses and coaching on effective leader conversations, and improving safety and human performance at work. You can get information about these at

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